March 2017

And with a blink of the eyes, we enter the month of March.

I am reviewing my goals

1. Set my prioritiesTo finish up laundry first den can start on my Ny and Lu orders. If husband tgh relek tengok TV, make him coffee then relek with him for like 15 mins then continue with Ny and Lu Stuffs. 

2. Take care of my skinsI have always been a moisturizer person, but not the expensive one lah, at times I just use Nivea, yup the blue tub tu. It works for me. But after my Melbourne trip, my skin have gotten so dehydrated!!! I look so old with wrinkly dry skins. I blame the hormones. Balik DFS I splurge of Laneige. Heard good review and so I grab. Definitely happy with the result.

3. Loosing weigh

Ini malas nak elaborate..... Next...

4. Take good care of my healthI am born in a family of diabetes, heart issues, asthma. So I vow to take extra care of what I put inside my mouth. Less sugar, less salt. More plain water. I was on collagen #gengmaketat before I got knock up. Love the effect.

5. Good oral habitsI am definitely booking appointment with Dr Lam every 6 months. Definitely! 

6. For Nyla and Luq: Less iPad/hand phone/YouTube. More book reading.

7. More snuggle time less 'Dah dah tido tido' - dengan I tertidur skali

8. More date nights with S

9. Improve on my cooking - this one is Jahanam... I survive on youtube cooking channel 

10. Spend more time with my parents - I send the kids over to my mum's place daily. Now i make it a point to golek golek with my parents first before angkut the kids back home. Now my weekend consists of activities with my parents... beli kain kat arab street ker, makan mee soto kat bedok ker, jalan jalan airport ker... anything just to spend more time with them!


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