I want to be big like #GIRLBOSS

It all started with “I can do this.” This meaning making a petite bow even though I never really sewed before. I have always felt crafty and thought that I could teach myself.
I’m not going to lie. I was a complete mess. Sloppy stitching with poor construction. But I kept at it. I would spend my nights sewing till the wee hours. Just to get the perfect bow
At the time the handmade business was new in my world. I found that Instagram had this amazing community of small business owners and I was inspired from the start. I started off gifting items to my close friends. And after I got feedback, I decided to go for it and either go big or go home. From that point on, I was it for the long haul. Determined to make it work. I had this fear of what they would think and what the world would think. Putting a creation out there is gut wrenching.
People don’t realize the countless hours invested and sacrifices small business owners make. Luckily, I have the most amazing family support. With that said, owning a small handmade business is a freaking ton of work. I had to put the word freaking in there because it highlights TON OF WORK that include unwashed dishes, huge pile of laundry, and a room filled with felt dust.
I set aside weekend to concentrate on my house chores.
Seriously, when I first started I had no idea how stressful it was. I mean, you look on Instagram and everyone has glorified posts. So beautiful and perfect, but behind those glorified posts are wrinkles, grey hairs and tears. I don’t know about other handmade businesses but I have ups and downs on a daily basis.

So why do this you ask? Its a form of therapy for me. Colours and craft makes me happy. I have a permanent full time job during the day. I have been in the estate management for the last 15 years and in the same company for more than 10 years, work has always been crazy. So to come home, play with the kids, read goodnight stories, tuck them to bed, chill with coffee and netflix and cutting fabric is therapeutic for me.
There are many days when I just want to throw in the towel. When I get this feeling of defeat I try to remind myself of my business philosophy. Creating a Ny & Lu culture where mama, mummies, umi, ibu, mom, mak, unite to share the joys of parenthood, with fashion.

The clencher…seeing all my cute customers wearing my bows. So rewarding.

Yeay to Date Night

S and I try to spend as much time just the 2 of us.

So we plan that, on one of his off days he is to fetch me from work and we will go for dinner, window shopping sikit, just like long longggg time ago.

Told the nenek and atok 'Today, we amik budak budak lambat sikit eh....' only to get a reply with 'hmmmm, jangan lambat sangat!'

It is difficult for one to be working normal office hour and the other to be working shift work. On my weekend, he will be working and on my weekdays he might get his off days.

We make an effort, marriage is hard work babeh...

Anyway, I totally love this arrangement!

10 years of Practice

I was called up by HR last week and she asked 'Why didn't u attend the DND? You are in the the long service list'

OMGGGG, I have been in the Company for more than 10 years?. Come November it will be my 11 years. Wah... I so loyal one ah... I'm quite impress with myself....

And for the past 10 years, I have not attended even one of my company event or diner and dance.

I just realised, I am really anti-social.

Need to improve on that bit.

Anyway, Happy 10 yrs to me... semoga bertambah rezeki I kat sini. Insyallah. Amin.

End of Syawal

I don't know why I still bother to update this blog, its so dusty and rusty.

Anyway, I keep telling myself, update lah the blog... if ur feeling low or what, just open the page and remember the happy times...

Today is 30th Syawal, we have reach the final end of Syawal. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Dan Batin. May we meet again next year. Inshallah.

Luq is ONE

My sweetest boy turn 1 last March. I am forever grateful to Allah swt for his greatest gift to me. Alhamdullilah!

February 2017 - Favourite 5

A new tag that I am adding to this blog so that I can remind myself some of my favourite stuffs of the months. It can be anything under the sun, from beauty and skin care products, to anything that I fall in love in that particular month.

Feeling feeling tag at Vlog lah like that.

This was a little late and have been in the draft inbox close to a month. But below are the 5 things that I loveeee in the month of February 2017.

February 2017 - Favourite 5
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir – It leaves my skin super soft. It’s a like a beauty mist. Whenever I feel belangas, I spray this. It works like magic. It 'matted' your face, make it look fresh. I use this, if I have impromptu or last minute meeting with contractors and stat boards  One thing that I am not too fond of, is the smell. Smell a little herby. 
  • Bath and Body works – Country Apple. Pick this up during my December KL trip. S loves the smell. Bini layan kan ajer. 
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone – I suka feeling feeling jadi disco ball bila kat kerja. I worked under the sun when I am on site – dah berpeleuh berlengas ada hati pulak nak pakai shimmering lotion for the skin. I mix this with my laneige moisturizer to give a subtle glow, which I love! It last throughout the day too.
  • Amy Wine house Vinyl – RIP, but she still rocks! Guns and roses have been booming on a daily basis at home. I use this to overthrow the madness that the laki create. Very soulful, very soothing for my jiwa kacau.
  • Didi and friends – I think this will be a favourite throughout 2017 and maybe 2018, insyallah panjang lah umur si Didi, Jojo, Nana tu. Luq is addicted to Didi and friends, once he starts making noise, just ON si Didi, he will automatically stop and smile. Anything for that smile even if my data bill went up high every month. S hafal all the songs. It gets pretty addictive.

Party in class

Happy School Holiday!

Ny had a tea party hosted in school last Friday, so they are allowed to wear their party dresses. She is super excited. A very girly girl. She inherit all S's trait. Planning from what clothes she wants to wear to how she is going to tie her hair and to which bow she is going to wear for that day...

Unlike the mummy, always kecoh pagi pagi, baru nak carik baju, baru nak carik tudung, alamak runyuk, baru nak strika. Tsk.

Please please inherits your father's traits... please... both my children.

I am going to be an aunt

I am going to be an aunt real soon. Insyallah.. Please pray for my sis and hope everything will be ok.

I hosted her baby shower at lulu... boy did we have fun!

Theme was white. 

We did steamboat BBQ since it the CNY period, kita pun nak feeling reunion dinner and plus point dodo fish ball, sotong ball, prawn ball, dan segala apa ball were all going for 30% discount. Apa lagi angkut ah...

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