February 2017 - Favourite 5

A new tag that I am adding to this blog so that I can remind myself some of my favourite stuffs of the months. It can be anything under the sun, from beauty and skin care products, to anything that I fall in love in that particular month.

Feeling feeling tag at Vlog lah like that.

This was a little late and have been in the draft inbox close to a month. But below are the 5 things that I loveeee in the month of February 2017.

February 2017 - Favourite 5
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir – It leaves my skin super soft. It’s a like a beauty mist. Whenever I feel belangas, I spray this. It works like magic. It 'matted' your face, make it look fresh. I use this, if I have impromptu or last minute meeting with contractors and stat boards  One thing that I am not too fond of, is the smell. Smell a little herby. 
  • Bath and Body works – Country Apple. Pick this up during my December KL trip. S loves the smell. Bini layan kan ajer. 
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone – I suka feeling feeling jadi disco ball bila kat kerja. I worked under the sun when I am on site – dah berpeleuh berlengas ada hati pulak nak pakai shimmering lotion for the skin. I mix this with my laneige moisturizer to give a subtle glow, which I love! It last throughout the day too.
  • Amy Wine house Vinyl – RIP, but she still rocks! Guns and roses have been booming on a daily basis at home. I use this to overthrow the madness that the laki create. Very soulful, very soothing for my jiwa kacau.
  • Didi and friends – I think this will be a favourite throughout 2017 and maybe 2018, insyallah panjang lah umur si Didi, Jojo, Nana tu. Luq is addicted to Didi and friends, once he starts making noise, just ON si Didi, he will automatically stop and smile. Anything for that smile even if my data bill went up high every month. S hafal all the songs. It gets pretty addictive.


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