Happy New Year 2017! 

OMG I can't believe its 2017 already! Time flies so fast I tell you. Like a blink of an eye!

As usual, new year always comes together with a new resolutions OR renew one like what my friends always said. 

Here it goes:

1. Wake up early every morning even on holiday.

2. Exercise on regular basis.

3. Start Saving!

4. Travel More

5. Be on time

6. Read more

7. Start using night cream (Need to survey good night cream. Any Recommendation?)

8. Eat less junk food (By writing this I just finished my potato chips. Blergh)

9. Be a better mummy

10. To be more spiritually engaged this year and being istiqamah of doing so

Hurm, what else? I guess that's enough for now. By the time, it will be more. So yeah, I can do this!


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