Ny turns 5 in October

This was in the draft for the longest time

Ny turn 5 years old in October and we party our way. Booked a room in Royal Crown Plaza. Brought along the gold swan and had a blast!

I was pretty embarrassed to invite the relatives yearly... takut ada yang mulut laser yang akan sound... 
'Every year buat birthday'
'Eh buat birthday lagi, last year pun buat birthday kan?'

Its not me ok, come September and even as early as August, my cousins will start asking 'Birthday Nyla amacam? apa theme?' They are the one who always look forward. 

I expressed my concerned to my mum about this, iyelah malulah kita, nanti orang ingat kita buat birthday mengharapkan present every year.

My dad replies wins 'We want to mengiratkan silraturahim, if anyone kasi present alhamdullah. Nanti kita bungkuskan nasi bohari!'


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