My heart

6 months ago, I would reached my mum place from work, rush to Nyla's room to give her a big hug followed by asking her to scoot inwards the bed just so that I can snuggle in with her. I would ask her how was school, ask about her speech and drama class, asked her what did teacher Jun teach today, did she went to the playground after school with Sabrina and Nichelle, asking what she had for dinner.

That's the routine I had 5 months ago for 5 years.

Now, once I reached my parents place, I would barge in my parents room just to stare at this boy.

Last night, his Kakak march out of her room and said, 'Mummy you don't want to hug me first ker?'

Oh my heart!


  1. aww mummy, i know that feeling seh. darya now also ada sikit hmm tak mao be my bestfriend anymore. ada jugak hati retak remuk. especially one time when she got so pissed she screamed U DONT BE MY MOTHER ANYMORE

    uwaaa *continues crying while typing this out*

    sending hugs back to u and thank u for the virtual hugs mum~


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