Luq's Majlis Kesyukuran

We had Luq's majlis kesyukuran when he was 10 weeks old, a week before puasa.

This time I had fun planning his event. We engaged Little Rizq Chulla. Love it! The pelamin was such a big hit.

This time round we had a really chill majlis, unlike the sister, yang ni relek sikit. No marhaban, no makcik makcik yg I tak kenal. My aunties have the habit of inviting their friend over. hahaha

'Datang lah majlis cucu abang I, datang eh'
'Jah, this one mummy's fren at work, I jemput dia'
'Jah, this one kawan kerja cik ona, dia kenal mak kau, I jemput'

And my parents will always welcome all my auntie's friend with open arms.

Anyway, food was cooked by Datin. I am so blessed to have family members who will chip in food.

'I bikin mee soto'
'I dah ordekan you roti boyan and bubur kacang hijau'
'I sponsor beefsteek'
'I buat pasta and chicken salad'


We create a kids corner. Angkut Nyla's portable TV and on Despicable me so that mak mak can catch up on their gossip. Bibik bibik also can relek.


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