Party of four

This news a little basi but It's been so hard keeping the news in, especially as I was feeling so exhausted during the 1st trimester and having a hard time keeping up with work! So, we're thrilled to be able to share the news with you now. We will be a party of four real soon!

If u have checked out my Instagram pictures on the left, you will have seen how huge the tummy is this time round. 

I have noticed something was amissed during Hari Raya, I kept falling asleep, all the time. Mandang nak membuta ajer. Coming from someone who seldom naps and often slept late to finish Ny and Lu orders. I find it a little odd. Told S and he said 'Tu lah amik lagi banyak order!' No its not the order, making bows are very therapeutic for me. Definitely not due to the order.

I was off the IUD, and my period was a little haywire after that. Read in some forum and they say its pretty common to miss period for a few weeks or even months. So I just brush it off.

I was so tempted to purchase a pregnancy test before we flew for the Europe trip in August and decide not to, and till now I am still amazed at how I managed to carry the heavy backpack, manoeuvre  a stroller, a cranky 3 years old and a 2 month tiny bean in me. There were no sign of morning sickness, cramping or what not. I was just sleepy. Macam ada yang tak kena ni.

Once touch down, mcm biasa my parents will always fetch us from the airport after every holiday. The father often say 'Aku rindu cucu aku lah!' and the first thing my mum asked was 'Dah check?' Aiyo penat pun belum hilang. She then asked my sis to grab a pregnancy test at the airport.

And as suspected by all., its a positive sign. Alhamdullilah!

And so during my first  check up with my gynea the whole stomp trooper came down, my mum, my dad, nyla ponteng school, bibik and my sis. S was too rimas.

During the early months, S loved the idea of having 2 girls, 2 daddy girls, 2 little princeess, 2 little mak neneks, 2 little screamers and whiners. He even came out with the name Nyly Melissa. Melissa came from the song 'Melissa' from Helter Skelter... bapak dia mat jiwang habis... 'So sedap the name!!!!', si kakak ni menyampuk. Kakak name's Syakila came from 'Misteri mimpi Syakila' from Wing... and from then on she introduce my baby bump to friends and relatives and she points to my belly and says, “and this is Nyly Melissa" "Nyla, Nak kiss Nyly Melissa, mummy".  lol.

Well, we’re getting closer and closer, I'm close to 32 weeks now and as a result, I’m getting more and more excited! I'm also getting more and more tired. But cannot layan kan, ikutkan hati nak ajer terbonkang atas katil.

This time round I'm taking things one step at a time, keep me and my baby in your prayer.
Insyallah adik we cab do this. Stay baking in there. Mummy and kakak Ny and Ayah love u!


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