Little one

I have installed many of those pregnancy apps on my iPhone, and it’s been fun to check in a few times a week and see what baby is up to!

Right now, he  is the size of a large honeydew (43.7cm long from head to heal and weigh around 2kg). My last check up he was around that length and weight. Alhamdullilah. 

Since baby’s sense of movement and ears are fully developed, Baby L can hear me sing and the surah I on-ed from youtube. I always whine to S, 'Baby L ni tak boleh duduk diam' but I secretly love it. It’s the best reminder for me that this is happening and baby is doing alright in there.

Its been 5 years. At time I find myself daydreaming a lot about life with this new little one.  What it will feel like to hold this little new born close to my body and cuddle and sing and love on it all over again like when I was with Ny. Will I be biased, be fair to share the love?

5 years ago, as a new mum, I struggle with many things. It was not a 'boring' phase. It was definitely not easy. She was preterm and at time we need to go down to either KK or polyclinic 3-4 times a week. Her jaundice was terrible. Doctor from KK only gave clearance when she was about 2 months. I struggle with breastfeeding too. From birth to around 1 Month, doc adviced me to stop from breast feeding her due to breast milk jaundice. Not sure what it means, I don't even understand when I Google it. My aunt joked 'Harap (.)(.) berlambak but no susu' sikit pun tak kecik hati, as I was so so determined to breast feed her even if not exclusive. I keep expressing my milk. The pump was my best buddy at that time.

This time round hopefully it will be different. I have pre-prepared all the items. 5 years ago, due to preterm, everybody kalang kabut. Dah terbranak baru nak carik crib, baru nak beli bottle, baru nak jahit bantal. From the labour ward before the insertion of oxytoxin, I remembered instructing my sisters 'Ty, You go take the crib from the seller at Tanah Merah' 'Na, you go mothercare buy the mattress, use this size den go Ikea buy the crib sheet' 'S later you go down kat mothercare buy all the shampoo lah, sabun lah' 'Ayah, you help me take some baby baju from Simei to Hougang, adi dah ketepikan'


I learn my lesson... this time kita settle all first den kita chill and relek....

Happy baking adik! We love you!


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