Have a long and cozy weekend mummies

It's gonna be a loooooong weekend. What are you up to this week? With all shops and door close, lepak rumah lah nampaknya.

As usual I have a list of items to do:-
1. Start washing adik's baju
2. Keluarkan crib from store
3. Keluarkan all baby items - Baby bJorn, car seat, bottle steriliser, breast pump etc
4. Build adik ikea's cupboard at hougang
5. Clean Ny's room
6. Put away all her unwanted toys
7. Put away all her unwanted books
8. Clear all baju that she can no longer fit and pass to Kayla or Farahana
9. Set aside space for baju baju adik
10. Jemur all bantal
11. Change bed sheet
12. Sew crib covers
13. Inventory for Ny and Lu's product
14. Update and do marketing and branding for Ny and Lu

Showed the list to S and he laugh and throw away the organiser.
'Meh sini dengan abang meh... all that during maternity leave can do..... confirm tak terbuat punya'

Wah liow he always think so lowly of me one....

I'm supposed to start washing adik's baju today. Sun is shining. Perfect weather... I look at all the baju in the clear box and decide to just lay and snuggle on the sofa with Ny who was watching Dora...

Cuci baju later lah...

S came out of the room like 10 mins ago and saw me lying and gave me a smirk...



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