Melbourne 2015

Its been ages since we had a family vacation. With a new member with the family, we tug Cik Wan along to our Melbourne trip.

We booked the tickets way back in May, knowing the price will jack up since its the peak period, Christmas and what not. We prepare for this trip a little earlier. We rent an 8 seater with Avis. Pick up the van at the aiport. Hussle free.

I did the itinerary, since I'm quite familiar with Melbourne.

The little sis, booked an afternoon flight and we reach Melbourne close to midnight. Totally wrong move but to be able to sleep and rest after the 7 hours flight was such a luxury. I cant sleep in the plane with the frequent air turbulence.

We grab Macdonald on the way back to our AirBnB. We booked a 3 bedroom apartment at Saltwater promenade. Happening jugak tempat dia, 5 mins drive from Target, Aldi, Coles, etc.
The next day we attacked factory outlet. We had chosen DFO south Warf but was inform DFO at Essedon have better store option and parking was FREE!!!! So I tweak the itinerary and head first to DFO Essedon. I try to control the moolahs. Its only the first day. After Essedon we went to South Warf to check out the stuffs there.

Next day we went to Queen Victoria Market. I have a soft spot for this place, but not to my sisters and Ny. 'Tempat apa ni you ajak kita? Pasar??' 'Mummy ni macam pasar geylang ajer?? I tak nak' Wah liow!!! Spoil Brats!!!!
We intend to head down to town after that but after a couple of rounds and the hefty parking fee we change our plan and head over to St Kilda's Luna Park. Its really a breath of fresh air. I love St Kilda! We head back to town and park at Federation square and had a yummy dinner at Mama Wong all also to check out the graffiti street.

We were recommended to go for the Werribee open range zoo. Oh we had so much fun!! Feeling mcm at Africa. We took the safari train ride, we were so close to the rhinos, and the zebra and the giraffe. My sis was expecting lions and tiger and elephant 'Ah that one later u go with your husband to Africa!'
Datok and Datin came 4 days after with the rest of the family. We pick them up at the airport, rest and head to Brighton Beach, to see the colourful beach house.

The next day we went for road trip to Great Ocean Road!!!! I love love that place and I'm glad to have share the experience with my love ones.


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