Paris 2015

We took the afternoon train to Paris. With a kid, a slack rolek husband, getting the 8am train seems impossible!!

We were early for our 1pm train. We bought a big box of fries with mayonnaise and some other sauces while waiting for the train.

I made friend with a Syrian lady and her baby Sara. She was sitting next to me at the stand. She was travelling with her husband to Paris for a short holiday. She mention that she's an English teacher in Saudi. S was 'siku-ing ' me. Its not that I am being friendly, but she was the one who start the conversation. Muslim to muslim, if she say 'Assalamualaikum' kita jawab lah balik. Tak kan nak diam ajer...

I query her about the situation at Syria which I had seen on TV, on social media. She start crying. Alamak.... I apologies and she start her story, how she managed to ran out of Syria. I try to steer out of topic and ask about her family. She told me she is married to a business man from Kuwait. Oh his husband, boleh tahan, handsome jugak si Arab ni.

S treat us to first class in eurorail. Love you many many babeh! After 3 hours we reach Paris. We book another Airbnb apartment with a great location at Montmarte. Its 10 minutes walk from Gare Du nord station, 3 minutes walk from Anvers station and rows and rows of souvenir shops at our door steps. The sacre Coeur was just round the corner. Gorgeous place to people watch. There is also a halal Paris version of KFC. We were in chicken heaven.

We spent a day at Eiffel tower. The best metro station to view the Eiffel will be at Tocorado. We made fren with a Malaysian student who belum balik beraya and kerja part time at one of the stand that sell sedap nak mampos nutella crepes with banana. The student said 'Aku balik KL aku bukak kedai, korang datang eh' Cepat mesra budak ni. Anak datok agaknya budak ni. She asked where we stay and ask if want to lepak, she can bring us around... But we need to pass as we will be out of central Paris the next day.

This is the first time we spent summer is Europe and we are loving it. The whole area is buzzing with life and FOOD!!!

We only spent 2 days in central Paris,  and the rest was spent at Disneyland Paris. This time round we book a hotel, Hipark Serris Val D'Europe. We could not find any airbnb around that area. The hotel was recommended by Aunty Chu, who gave good review just because it was so close to the factory outlet, shopping ajer budak tu, meyampah betol. Ok back on the hotel, The hotel was nice, location was good. Minus point is that the room all comes with a sofa bed instead of a real bed. We book 2 superior room, since they have safety policy whereby a superior room of that size can only accommodate 2 adults maximum. Nak tak nak terpaksa lah we get another room. The pool was quite nice too.

The hotel came with a complimentary shuttle bus to Disneyland, walking distant to the factory outlet and a huge mall that we can never manage to explore.  There is a nice bakery just across the hotel, which kita mandang beli corssaint and roti perancis. Eh dah kat Perancis mestilah beli roti perancis.

Sigh.... Disney store.. where parents with little girls pocket get burnt!


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