Amsterdam 2015

This is so basi but since its in my draft post I am gonna just finish it up and publish it.

We book an apartment via airbnb, location was great, tram station was just 3 minutes away (though we explored the city by foot most of the time, nak putus pinggang I), a kebab store at our door steps, a Mexican whose owner is a Muslim, is just few minutes walk away. There is a huge supermarket just across the road.

The apartment came with 2 cats and 2 bicycle. It was great fun. The only thing that is not fun is the weather. It was so so hot, panas terik, lagi panas dari Singapore.

We went to the usual attractions, Dam square, museums, shopping centres, fleas markets, bla bla. This was our second trip to Amsterdam, the last trip during our honeymoon was in January, it was freezing cold,

S went for his record hunting while I went for my  HEMA and flea market hunt. I loveeeee their market. I bought 3 used Birkenstock for 20 euros. I saw S made a face, he is not anti-fleas but to him, with a few extra bucks you can get a brand new Birkenstock. A few extra bucks? Where got extra, quite a lot also lah. I love their street food. At Albertcyp Market, their Dutch pancake that is smothered with butter and powder sugar was too die for, their croquet is worth the q's and there are a few stall selling halal chicken, roasted, bbqes, with herbs, fried dan bermacam macam lagi.

Ny had ice-cream and gelato every day. I know I am a bad parent but we were on a holiday. I had churos everyday too. Yummy.

We bought burgers and ate at the right in front of De Bijenkorf mall, Ny playing with pigeons and the parent enjoying the calories pack kebab burger. We were approached by an Indonesian when she say S smoking a pack of Soemporna. 'Ur Asian bro?' Kita Nampak Mexican ker? So another friendship was made. She just finish her Uni and was here to work. Her sister is currently staying and working here. 'Sini a lot of Indonesian ah' 'Banyak dong!' She was hype when we say 'Woles boss' That's indon lingo for No problem. We exchange facebook account. Kental betol.

We chill at vondelpark and people watch almost everyday. Since its in the summer, even at 9pm it was very bright macam pukul 6pm. The day seems too long for me. But the shop still closed at 8pm some even at 6pm.

The best place that attract us the most was the:-

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum, which in English means – The State Museum, exists for more that two hundred years and today belongs to the most breath taking museums in the world. During its existence, the museum went through many transformations and remains now, especially after its complete renovation, the attraction you should not miss during your trip to the Netherlands

Its not what that is inside the museum that interest us, we are not that arty farty kind. Oh but I love their exhibition on  Miffy. What is outside the museum plain that excite us. Located at the Museumplein are three major museums - the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum - and the concert hall Concertgebouw.

The whole square was abuzz with life, it was the best time to go for wandering around yummy food stalls and watching free live music. There was a huge playground area and water fountain. S and Ny was adventurous enough to get into the pond and take a picture.

There was a group of hippies basking by making large soap bubbles. That was a major hit for the kids and even for the parent. We spent hours catching bubbles. The air was thick with the smell of  the 'only legal in Amsterdam' thingy. At one point Ny will scream 'Bau apa ni? Busuknya!'

We made a couple of friends along the way, who invited us over for some party. Tak apa kirim salam, takut pulak, teringat citer 'TAKEN' dah nanti si atok Nyla kena travel pergi Europe carik, anak, cucu and menantu dia.

It was a perfect time to ride the canal boat/cruise. We even purchase the tickets when little Ms decide to throw a fit while we were q-ing to jump into the boat 'NYYA TAK NAK AH, ADA CROCODILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I macam nak NGAP dia at that instance!

After 6 days in Amsterdam, we packed out bag, kiss the house cats, rode the tram and head down to Amsterdam central station to catch a train to PARIS!!!!


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