Eid Lantern

I often did craft sessions with Ny on weekend.

During the first week of Ramadan, we did some lantern to hang at the balcony. S have also hang twinkle and fairy lights. Dah taruk lampu lap lip ni mcm lagi rasa nak raya.

I love fairy lights, like pelangi. (She learn the word pelangi from watching too much upin and ipin )
Macam Christmas eh mummy?
Our Hari Raya mcm Chinese punya Hari Raya eh, macam Cong Xi Fa Cai.

Woorrrhhh, I don't see that coming, mcm mana nak explain eh...

Ayah, explain kan Nyla please.

I asked S to explain to her, he replied with a very tajam jelingan, which i find really sexy. I excuse myself, untuk angkat kain. bahahahaha....

Lantern template from, in my studio. They have new design this year a black and pink design, but I think the green goes well with my balcony. I love love love Iva's website.


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