Food for Ramadan

Ramadan is nearing. Alhamdullilah.

Every Ramadan, I will do a time table for Sahur and Buka. I will also include S's work schedule. On days he is having afternoon or night shift, I don't have to kalang kabut buy or cook food for iftar. I can also plan to iftar outside with the lovely cousins. I will update the list on a weekly basis.

Template printed from Diy - Home Sweet Home or you can just go to pinteret and search for weekly planner. Bertimbun keluar.

I did this every year. S needs to take his sahur and it sucks to be awake at 4am and godeh godeh the fridge. Three years ago, I fell asleep on the dining table while thinking 'Apa nak masak eh?'

My mum always say, nanti buka ada belen makan, just heat it up lah... Aiya the laki tekak a little mengada.

I found this website, Food to eat at suhoor that release energy thruout the day.Which i think is ahmazing!!! But S disagree, 'Apa ni healthy healthy oats semua ni... Goreng roti celup telur sudah... jangan lupa dengan milo or kopi...'

Iyelah bang.

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