Sewing a skirt

I get frustrated when Ny could no longer fit her top, her pants, her skirt, her legging. Buy today and in a month time dah tak muat. Boring betol! 

So I resort to my trusty sewing machine, and sew her skirts!

I dont have any sewing lesson or whats so ever just basic sewing skill, jenis tekan the pedal and thats it.

I watch a few youtube channel for a simple little skirt, this one below is the best.

After watching the tutorial, I was determine... Macam simple ajer. I can do this

Found some fabric stash, get Ny's waist measurement. Believe it or not she is 27". 
S commented 'Another 4" she can wear my jeans already'

Pin here, pin there and press the pedal.

And........ Voila!!!!!!
Ready in half an hour!

Come here, Ny. Mummy sew you a skirt. Cantik tak?
I dont want. Not Nice!!!! I want pink skirt!
Nice what. Mummy suka.
Not nice!!! the skirt like ayah wear to sembayang.
U better wear eh Nyla Syakila!!!!!
Ok lah ok lah.

That fabric is definitely not S kain pelikat ah.
I got it from arab street, 1 meter $3.50 only.
Mummy like!


  1. yey claps! buat more i beli tapi cik adek saya terlalu laaa amat underweight, risau saya. most pants and skirts shes wearing budak 1 year old below sizing.

    1. Umi, I baru lah perasan ur msg ni. Ur anak dara so cute and petite! Anak dara I mcam giant >.<

  2. Salam sis.. Wanna check which shop in Arab street did u buy e material from? Wondering if there r pelikat material available there as well? Thanks in advance.

    1. W'kum salam. Oh this material is cheapo cheapo kind, bought it at the 4th shop (if tak silap) from the traffic light nearer to Zam Zam. Kedai kain longgok longgok.
      My sis bough some pelikat and ikat kind of fabric from the opposite side of the road. She did for her bottom of her baju kurung. 1m $10 but the kain is of a better quality.


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