Past weeks

The past few weeks have been difficult for me in terms of balancing work and home life.  I am taking on more, not just with Ny and Lu but also with work.  I am so happy with the growth, but with growth comes worries and less time.

Less time to make sure everything is done correctly.  Less time to plan for the future.  Less time to organize.  Less time for home life.  I have spent more time worrying about deadlines and have seem to have taken a step back at being present.

I know this is a temporary feeling, I just can’t help feeling suffocated by not having enough time in the day.  Leading me to feel inadequate as a parent to precious Ny  My patience is short, my thoughts are elsewhere, and sometimes on weekend I catch myself thinking if only she would nap so I can get things done. Ironically on weekdays, I wish she would sleep a little late so that I can spent a little more time with her after work.

I’ve blinked and time has slapped me in the face. Time is everything. It is golden and I better learn to handle it well. Maybe one day I can get time on my side. Insyallah
On a happier note, my weekend start now. The little sis is getting married this week. Lots of things for me to do. Phone beep. Its the bridezilla. Till then.....


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