This post by scary mom. Totally tickle my tummy!

So true!!! How the hell can she looks like that. She just squeeze out a 4kg baby. True she has all the hair dresser, make up artist, stylist kat tepi, but she just gave birth like few hours ago. And shes walking in heels.

I remember mine was more than 48 hours (I gave birth on Saturday night) and check out, eh wah, macam hotel pulak on Monday, I still terkemut kemut, terjongket jongket jalan tahan sakit.

Ohhh don't let me start talking about how I look. Rasa hati macam nak check out pakai baju butterfly... pakal I ni pemalu...

With eye bags and burst blood vein... I burst quite a number of blood veins on my eyes and on my face due to excessive pushing. Doctor say it was common. It went away about 2 weeks. Muka hancai, pakai concealer pun tak load. I was a total mess.

S kept telling, 'Dia kan princess, mesti lah ada fairy god mother. With magic wand terus jadi cantik' Sigh... too much Cinderella ni. Confirm Si Nyla ajar.

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