Ny's first school project - Farm Animals

When Ny received a note from her teacher on parental involvement project, I was totally on to do a good job. First time mah. Semangat habis.

I googled and found this on Pinterest. 

We did our version, purchase tube cleaners from spotlight for $3.80 per pack (it was on 50% discount), bought some paint brushes, because Crayola paint brushes are for babies. Since Ny have a really short attention span, we stretch and did the project within 3 weeks.

We sang Nyla Syakila has a farm... Eeeya eeeya oohhhhhhh while painting the tissue rolls. 


  1. ooo me likey projects sebegini! nice work mak and ny!

  2. Thank you mak!!! U lagi champion DIY DIY ni semua!!!


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