Ny First Swimming Class

I have always wanted to enrol Ny for swimming lesson and when I saw a post at my favourite Mak's blog, I wasted no time to contact the coach. I was impressed with Ny. She was not afraid and willing to try all that the coach asked her to do. Dats my girl. Show it to the nenek and the atok.

The nenek said 'Kesiannyua cucu aku jah, kecik sangat dia jah, kau masokkan swimmimg, kesian nya cucu aku'

Kesian pergi, kesian balik. Kecik sangat??? Cucu dia yang paling lebar kat situ.

The atok mcm biasa action ajer 'Pandai swimming macam atok dia, nanti kita swimming kat luat pulak'
'Tak nak, no laut, nanti ada shark'
'Ah sedap lah shark makan kau. Kenyang dia satu minggu'
'I tak nak swim kat laut atokkkkkkkkkkkkk'

She kept saying about blowing bubble and kicking her leg... tido also ngigau...

'Nyya cant wait for next week'

Me too baby....


  1. Looks soo fun! Good job Nyla! Geram tengok dia since the playshed event that time haha

    1. Thanks babeh!!!! We miss Playshed, if ada event lagi update me ok. Confirm I will calling calling the rest of the other mummies. Send my regards to Mariana and kisses to her little one!!

  2. woo! eh you my favorite mak also ok! wahhawhw

    last week we skipped the class because both mak and anak sick ahhaa. this week we hope to er switch class at least dapat with ny ar buuuut coach said dah full alaaaaa. hwahaw but he said can linger around ar see how it goes.

    cute nye ny! gigit kang! i shall be the underwater shark and bite her wahhawhawhaw

    1. Mak!!!!! it was great seeing u tadi. We want the earlier class, 11.30am panas sangat, garing si Nyla tu after class. Pakai sun block pun tak load.

      Blow some baby boy dust to me please!!!!! Take care ok Mak!!!!

      kiss kiss to you and Darya!!!

    2. YAAA mari lah join earlier class! whahwhaw it was nice to see you guys too! nak gigit je NY tapi apakan daya sabar je!


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