I'm going to the zoo, zooo, zoooo......you can come too, tooo, toooo...

Mummy took 2 days off last week to layan the babe, because its the school holiday.
We bought cheap Zoo tickets from Carousell... I swear by that apps.
She screamed when we bring her to the tiger enclosure.
She cried when we show her the crocodile. She never clap during the polar bear show, oh by the way the new place for polar bear is ahmazing. I can sit there all day looking at the polar bear berendam in the pool.
She don't want to enter the snake area. She cover her eyes when we reach the lion glass panel.
She was ok with the chimpanzee, she was sitting on her stroller and drinking milk, but once the monkey came close to her and ask for her milk bottle... habis melalak
'No Monkey No!!!! Ask from your mummy... No cannot, This is Kakak Nyla's milk!!!' 
in between cries.
Sigh... Dramanya!
She only likes the giraffe, the zebra, and the farm area with the water play

What is wrong with my baby!!!
Buang duit betol pergi zoo!!!


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