Shingling AND minggling

I was on 2 weeks Medical leave two weeks ago and only start work recently. I was hit with shingles. I have been toooo busy with life that I ignored all the signs and the symptoms.

When I only have time to go to the doctor half of my body was covered with rash. It's not itchy but it was very painful, very bisa, my whole body aches, I had bad headache almost everyday, I was running a temperature, vetting reports at night and continue doing bows for Ny and Lu, slept at 2am everyday and send Ny to my mum's place the next morning at 6am. Car red plate mah, so must be back home by 7am. Doctor request to slow down due to the high blood pressure. I feel so makcik makcik already, macam macam penyakit.

During the first week I was I quarantine.  My Mum forbid me from seeing my little girl. I was on antibiotic, that need to be eaten 6 times a day for a week. Rindu!!! But we face time all the time. I kemas store, colour code my closet, kemas my make up, sort out baju baju Ny yg tak boleh fit, cut some new fabric for Ny and Lu. I re watch again all 6 seasons of Gilmore girls. Indahnya hidup.

S was happy because there were always breakfast, lunch and dinner on the dining table siap ngan pau sambal and popcorn chicken with cheese dip lagi. Aiya semua beli kat AM frozen, tinggal goreng ajer >.<

After a week, once the rashes has dried up, my mum gave the green light to see Ny. Feeling Stay at home mum habis. Send her to school, fetch her from school, sew up some skirts for her, grocery shopping. Dah jadi makcik makcik NTUC.

We even went to Cool de sac on a weekday after school, no qs, no crowd and its only $10. A happy kid means a happier mummy.

On one of the days, Ny need to go for her follow up check up at KK. She went for scan and x-rays. I could hear the radiography laughing when they look at Ny's Solid body... Mampat.

'Don't laugh' she said... wah garang nya anak I. Mummy was asked to stand behind a protective cover during the x-ray. I was laughing behind too... tengoklah badan dia... hahaha.... She was asked to come down again in May. Ok KK we will see you again in 3 months time.


  1. is ny ok? why kana xray all. and i hope you are all better now mak! best kan jadi part time sahm sekali sekala!

    1. I'm good now mak. Alhamdullilah.

      She kena UTI sometime back so now that day was her follow up and detail check up, takut ada scaring to her kidney.

      She's always wheezing ah, sounds very asthmatic, but tak ada asthma. Doc say maybe because of her weight which cause her to wheeze. Add on shes a pre term baby, so they just scared ada infection to the lungs.

      We will need to meet a specialist in May, now she is on daily medication. Insyallah tak ada, apa apa lah.

      Kisses to you and Darya!!!

  2. alamak poor buddy! i hope all goes well for ny!


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