Ny and her Books

I make  it a habit to read to Ny daily, if its not with me then with S.

These are a few of Ny's (and mummy) Current favourite:-

Oh we love the princess series, we have most of the title, we love it that much.

Among all, this is her favourite, 'I want to do it myself'. Great book which is deeply loved by Ny. Si Princess ni, is not the typically pretty princess macam Cinderella or Belle, she's messy and comot and cute just like my Ny. At times defiant and rude  as she rejects all offers of help by putting her hand up and declaring "I want to do it myself!" but that adds to the charm. We love the humor, illustrations and can understand the lesson.

So now when ever I try to help her to do something such as washing her hand after makan she will put up her hand and said 'I want to do it myself' Bagus!!! Mummy can continue to eat.

Ny have issues with sleeping early so I bought quite a number of 'Goodnight Books' for her.

At first I don't  really understand what was this book's unique hold on to people. Sampai dapat award and all. After reading a few times, I feel that there is something magical about this book and the way children love it. It's very comforting to them, with the easy to memorize lines and the gentle arrival in the great green room of night time. The simple words and brightly colour green and orange illustrations made it one of her favorite bedtime rituals

Whenever this book is choosen it will always end with this:-

"Goodnight room, goodnight moon, good night Nyla. Ok The End cepat baca doa tido then sleep"
and she will go to sleep within the next 10 minutes.

3. When Sheep Sleep
Another of her 'Goodnight Book'

This book is about a little girl who can't fall asleep because the sheep are asleep. So she counts other animals. The sentences are repetitive and rhyming which makes easy reading. And we love the drawings and vivid colour of the books.

There's a reason why she was one of Walt Disney's favorite artists and still massively influential. This is more of mummy favourite. The colour, the illustration, the drawing is very 50s and 60s. 

Ny loves the compilation on 'I can Fly'. 
A bird can fly, so can I. She will then flap her chubby arms
A cow can moo, I can too.
Who is busy like a bee? Me me me

This book just make me smile. Love it!

Oh this book is the oldest in our little library. This was my very first few books that I bought when I found out I was pregnant with a girl. Main attraction is the cover of the book, it is so wonderful that it makes you want to buy it to have in your collection for just that reason.

Only recently she has been pulling out this tittle from the shelves. 'I want the hide hide under the blanket book'

The book potray a typical interaction between a loving mother and adoring daughter.

What are other of your favourite book title? I am always on a look out for good books.


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