Mummy December Favourite

I found this post in my draft folder. I know now is January but hecks.... How can I not post this. My favourite for the month of December.

Mummy December Favourite

December have always been my favourite month. Its S birthday month, My dad birthday month, the frequent eat out since its the birthday month, the extra kechang, the many public holiday, the cool weather... Love Decembers.

So a few of mummy favourite items for the month of December.

1.Body Scrub - I am obsessed with body scrub. I like the feeling after a good body scrub. Your skin feeling raw  the moment u smother body butter. Nikmat. I am obsessive with VS love spell, I always purchase in bulk when I know someone is going to the States. Love love the smell. Another favourite is the Strawberry body scrub from Body Shop.

2.We're going on a bear hunt - Ny Decembers Obsession. I read it during the day, in the afternoon, after mahrib, time nak tido. I can memorise it, word for word now.

3. Miracle Lancôme - It was an impulse purchase. Smelling it remind me of my poly life. Love Love.

4. Birkenstock - The sis bought a pair for Ny during her last birthday bash. A little big but looks so good on her chubby broad feet. I purchase an Ibiza to matchy martchy with her

5. I've always say 'Kental lah Crocs' then  I saw and try this wedge and fell mad love for it. I bag it!

6. Zoeva brushes - Purchase it from I stumble upon this when Ny clean the whole balcony with my real technique. I wash my brushes and left it to dry and the next day I saw Ny using the brushes to 'paint' the railing atthe balcony. She even clean all the corners with the brush sampai Kembang tu benda. Macam nak nangis pun ada. Went online, read the reviews and declare its the Best brush ever, even better than the Real technique. 

7. Blue pants - I don't know what is my obsession with cobalt blue this month. I purchase 3 cobalt blue pants. All in the same colour but with different design. Asos is the devil!!!

8. Sushi- I have been lantak-ing sushi almost every week. Cacing kerawet betol perot.

9. Fabric bow - I went for a fabric spree during boxing day. Cant wait to make little bows for Ny and Lu!!!!

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