Coffee or tea

I ever had images in my head of hosting tea parties for my future little girl someday.

I could not wait for the day when we’d get dressed up and sit with her teddy bears and dolls and i’d pour her a tiny cup of tea. Kita will giggle and chat and giggle some more while holding up our pinky fingers and snacking on cheese hotdogs and keropok.  

Few weeks back Ny approached S to play masak masak, instead of Mummy.

Me the mother who carry her for 9 month (7 actually) in my tummy, who wakes up in the morning to make her milk, to change her diaper. But she went to her father to play a girly girl role play.

Rasa dalam babe.

S was cleaning his vinyl collection at that point and drop everything and help her push her tiny trolley out to the balcony to have a breezy afternoon tea.

I felt so robbed that Ny experienced her first tea party and didn’t invite me?

But seriously, it makes my day as her mummy to see how much she loves her ayah, because I know he loves her back so  much. And seeing them together? it’s perfect. simple as that. just perfect.

P/s: If it was me calling for him while he was cleaning his vinyl, sumpah haram dia tak akan layan punya.


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