Woohoooooo...... 16 days.....

16 days belated  Happy New Year to all out there.

2014 is happening lets make 2015 more awesome.

Its good to start the year with resolution like every other years with the same points re-written all over again.

Its fun you know, so my list this year
  1. Better time management
  2. Better money management
  3. Improve cooking skills
  4. Exercise more
  5. Eat healthily
  6. Jaga my ibadah
  7. More time as a family
  8. Less complaint
  9. Join a baking class
  10. Join an art class
I am actually enjoying  keying in all the list above... I am smiling now, knowing that macam paham ajer aku ni.... still smiling while typing this.

Two Thousand and fifteen....... please be good!


  1. hahaahah have an awesome every year mak!

    1. same to you too mak!!!!!! I heard good news. Congrats!!!!!!
      I pun nak!!!!!

    2. ehhehe ala malu la i~ awhhawhaw thanks love~


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