I was greatly moved by the #IllRideWithYou hastag. So inspiring.

I first saw the #prayforsydney posted by a few of Adelaide girls in my friend list in FB. Terus I Google. It was also on TV. I saw the hostages being asked to the glass panel holding some kind of black flag with Arabic word. Oh dear..

Earlier this morning the little sis, whatsapp that she was stuck in Amsterdam due to the national strike in Belgium. The strike has cause all air traffic, train and transport schedule to be cancel. All flight to London and Paris were cancel. I instructed her to contact the Paris hotel that they will have to stay for anther night at Amsterdam, just so that their deposit will not be forfeited due to no-show. She sound cool unlike her usual self. This little sis is very high strung, kancong spider, gembeng and cengeng kind...den I remember 'Ohhhh yah shes in Amsterdam...'

In another 10 minutes, the mum called my office "Jah, si Martina tersendat (tersendet eh) kat negera omputih, macam mana jah... anak aku...., dah suruh dia balik, balik sudah....."

I spent another 20 minutes on the fone trying to console and ensure that everything will be ok, while giving hand gestures to contractors coming in and out through my office door.

"Urgent call guys"

She replied 'Jah tengokkan ticket pergi sana brapa, susah sangat I go with ayah kau lah'

Eh eh, this is not like u naik bus go pasar geylang you know.

Mother will be mother.... I put myself in my mum shoes... I will definitely pack my bag at an instance... Mummy carik chance ajer nak naik eroplane. >.<

Anyway the lil Sis, is safe and sound in Paris now, enjoying her ass till she is tied down in May. Cant wait to be a kakak pengantin.... rub hands in gleeeee.....


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