Happy weekend

I love weekend. 2 weeks ago I was assign to a new site located 10 mins walk from lulu and a bonus of alternate off for Saturday. Alhamdulliah!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Currently I am drafting my post for Ny birthday bash. 


  1. mak, u diam menyepi. hwahahaw

    i tag you here in the travel tag! IF you are free la kan sila la hahwhaw


  2. tengok baru skarang I Nampak ur comment.
    tak boleh harap betol si cheetah ni.....
    Ok best... will tryyyyyyyyyy to work on that...
    kisses to both mak and anak!!!!!

  3. kiss!! wahhawhaw i tell u ar this blogger susah nak keep track if people send msgs o not. ahah


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