Ny and Lu - Ursula bows

Ny and Lu new collection of bows. A collection that i had pre-cut all the felt in advance like 6 months ago and only have the time to sew it NOW!

Why Ursula?
A good gf of mine forward us a pic of her really cute niece. 

Such a darling kan.

So I went home and show it to Ny. 

Ny!!!!! Look at thuis baby, she's a mermaid.
I want to be a mermaid toooo!!!!

So I wrap her leg with her little blanket 

I sew the bows while she was wiggling her tail. 

I told the sis, 'These bows deserve a name.' 

Ny menyampuk 'Little mermaid Lah mummy!'

Both the sis and me look at her, with her tembam face, and her berlipat lipat perut, and the cool patch, still wiggling her tail. 
With that Ursula is born!
when i tell the story to my love one... all have the same reply...
'Tak baik sei kau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

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