Cool de what?

 This place is a shame. I did promise to update as often as possible. Haiyo

Biasalah janji Melayu >.<

There are over 30 post under draft in my folder. All half way written. Sungguh tak boleh harap.

Ok. I found this post, almost complete siap with attach pictures somore. Ok lah we post This first.

Cool de sac, Cool de what?

Its a new indoor Playground for kids at Suntec city. Suntec city have under went a major renovation, we even get lost in there. New shops, ada H&M and Sephora.

After grabing a cup from Smoothie king (Mummy current obsession) we stumble upon Cool de sac, something like kids explorer

It was a week day, Mummy cabut work early, dont tell the boss, so Its $10 entry for Nyla. We entered at 5.30pm and left at 9pm. Berbaloi.

Mummy was quote impressed. There were lots of interaction corner, there craft corner, there lego section,  toddler area, there were face painting session, complete with costume somemore. Mummy requested a small butterfly on the wrist. Hehehe

There is also a little cafe for parents to catch up while the kids play.

We like it!!!!


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