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I was connected to wifi 24/7 while I was in Japan.

I am very active with group chat in whatsapp and they were surprised that I managed to get connected and reply to all their chat. So yeay... I was still in the loop of the latest gossip.

The hotel that we booked have no Wi-Fi in the room only at the lobby. So leceh. And with a kid who need her Hi-5, Upin and Ipin and Dora fix and grandparents yang asyik 24/7 nak face time the cucu. Dah face time with the atok and the nenek and the bibik. Si aunty ngah dia pulak nak face time, In less than 15 mins the aunty chu pulak face time 'Nyyyyyy what are you doing? Do you miss me???'

Wah liow.

There are several free Wi-Fi services such as Freespot but these services will most likely require pre-registration and are generally less reliable (think Wireless@SG). Their Starbucks, their fast foods, dah lah no Internet macam mana nak register. Aiyo.

So we went the easy way and rent a pocket Wi-Fi. The best option and decision I made. The kids happy, the father happy can show off on Instagram. Sempat member post picture time dalam train nak go Shibuya. Sempat post gambar kat luar kedai record... eh that one the mummy.

There are several website that provide Wi-Fi portable router. Good feed backs received from Global Advanced Communications but since the period we went was during the peak Sakura season, all 21Mbps were sold out.

Next best feedback was from Japan-wireless. Book, pay, settle. The router can be connected to 5 devices. The best thing is that they even provide a spare battery FOC.

You can choose to pick up the router at the Airport or directly to your hotel. We choose the later.

Once we reached the hotel, the package was included during our check in. The connection name was given together with a password, and that it, you are connected to the world.

We returned it by enclosing the device in a postage-paid envelope that came with the device and dropping that at the mailbox at the airport or just pass it over at the hotel reception. Fuss-free. Other companies offering the service are Exseli, Rentafont Japan and PuPuRu. Banyak lah actually just google.


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