Disneyland and Disneysea

Oh the optimal of the trip is definitely the day we visited Disneyland.

We took the train via Yamamonte line towards Tokyo and change to keiyo line towards Soga to Maihama station. It was an hour plus trip. Due to the long journey, pergi balik, angkut bag, angkut stroller, angkut semuanya, I decide to book a hotel near to the area. Tak larat babe. Nak book disney resort hotel macam wasted (bukan wasted, tak mampu). Since we're just staying for a night, I book a reasonably price hotel located just 10 mins walk from the Maihama station. Plus point they provide shuttle bus from the hotel to Maihama Station, Disneyland and DisneySea. Once you exit the Maihama station go down to basement to the North Exit and wait at the clock tower. I am truly pleased with the hotel, they even provide leg massager in the room. Perfect after a very tiring day at Disney. Eh enough about the hotel. Macam tulis trip review Kat trip advisor pulak.

Please book your ticket in advance, the q was mad, even on a weekday. I purchase 2 day pass, 1st day to Disneyland and 2nd day to DisneySea via online. You just need to print the ticket and proceed to the counter, where they will check you bag and wahlahhh you are in. Tak payah line up, line up. 

With a kid, it will slow everything down, numerous toilet breaks, a few tantrums, nak dukung, nak hug, nak tak rides with 80 mins waiting time. With the cold weather and carrying a 20 kg toddler and a hungry stomach, fuh betol punya testing gua punya sabar. So please go makan first before heading to Disney. No halal food though. So pandai pandai.

Ny just made the height requirement of 103cm, That means, a blue tag around the wrist Which indicate she can take most of the rides.

We love the parade, we even stayed for the night parade. 

S can't stand all these jepun girls who go gaga with all the mascots. 'Eh apasal ni sampai nak mintak mintak autograph ni? They know or not all these are man in suits' 'Seriously ah, that fanatic' Malas aku nak layan membebel dia. I also nak amik gambar with them. Sanggup babe tunggu sampai 1 hour. Berangin ajer si S. 

We were greeted with the mascots at the entrance at Disneyland. Apa Lagi. Amik ler gambar.

The sis personally prefer DisneySea. No, don't expect whales and dolphins. It's more to water shows, little mermaids and stuffs. Lots of performance and shows by the Disney character. The mascots walks around freely, just grab them and snap your pictures. Surprisingly there were more crowds in DisneySea than Disneyland. 

To choose between the 2 theme parks. I would prefer Disneyland. Easy. Love the classic. In love with fairy tale castle and happily ever after.

After the trip we open a flood gate in Ny.... semua nak princess. Princess ini, princess itu...feeling habis!!!!


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