Land of the rising Sun

We are back!!!

I can never ever leave my babe anymore... I remeber NYC, my goodness, balik jalan ajer rindu anak, balik jalan ajer rindu anak... bila jalan tak ingat pulak... astagfirullah al azim.

So, this year, S choose the location, and he decide on Tokyo, Japan. I am so so sure that we will be having communication problem. The little sister had been to Tokyo before so she gave me  tips and to learn someJapanese.

Food will also be another issue. So apa lagi, I angkut lah induction cooker, and a cooking pot, with beras, instant pasta, instant noodle, sambal kacang. Baru ingat holiday nak relek, tak nak masak.

We took a red eye flight out from Singapore to Narita. Ny was a gem, sit through quietly watching hi-5 on the flight entertainment till she fall asleep. Alhamdullilah. Since the husband took the aisle sit, susah sikit nak kacau... I just sat there watch my movie sambil makan kacang. I actually request for a few more packets, sampai kena jeling with S. Aiya no one to talk to, my mouth itchy lah.
I don't know if my taste buds was affected with the pressure and altitide but the Muslim food this time round did taste good. I don't need to add additional salt.

Ok back to Tokyo, within 7 hours we reached Narita. Changed diaper bla bla bla... we took close to an hour to get our luggage. We then procede to buy The Suica + NEX. Which includes a one-way/return Narita Express train ticket and a prepaid ¥2,000 (with ¥500 refundable deposit) Suica card. Suica card ni macam ezlink card like that lah, dah habis just top up. Very convenient.
For Nex, A one-way pass costs ¥3,500 and a return pass costs ¥5,000. The train stops at Tokyo, Shibuya and Shinjuku and takes an hour plus to Tokyo. We purchase a direct trip from Narita to Shinjuku. If you can’t fit your luggage at your seats, you can stow them away at the front and back of each train car. If you’re using one of those slots with a pin/password lock, don’t forget your pin combination. If you do and can’t get your luggage out in time, you won’t be able to get your luggage until the terminal station. Tak sempat babe.

Please download the railway map apps, very useful.
Another tip in Tokyo EVERTHING is on TIME. If the train state that it will depart at 5.09pm. It will depart on 5.09pm. If it said it will arrive at 10.22am, it will arrive on 10.22. Tak ada hegeh hegeh, that is why orang jepun ni asyik kalang kabut ajer. Ribut. kecoh. 

S moto for the trip was 'Slow and steady. Man man Lai'


  1. Woohoo I also just returned from Tokyo. I so wish I had brought my baby there since Tokyo is so baby friendly. Did Ny go to Tokyo Disney?

  2. Konichiwa!!!! I agree Tokyo is baby friendly. We did!!! She so mengeletis there. Feeling princess lagi....


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