Its hot in here

The weather have been so so so hot lately. I am not desk bound and always on my heels for inspection and stuffs. The heat is so unbearable, ya allah. Jalan brapa round, satu badan belengas.

I whatsapp S, 'So hot ah today...'

S replied 'I am at the wing of a boeing bawah panas terik, so sapa lagi panas'

Aiya, action pulak reply.

I then received a Whatsapp from the cousin in B.C 'Its still snowing here... sejukkkkkk, tadi keter cannot start, engine too cold'

Feel like packing my bag and angkut the anak and fly there... The grass is always greener on the other side.
4 years ago in B.C with my favorite cousins in the world.  


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