My babe

I miss my babe. Whenever I get too busy or overwhelmed with work, I took a breather and look through her thousands of pictures in my phone album. 

I only managed to spend 2 to 3 hours after work with her on a weekday. Lepak with buddy for kopi after work always kena pikir 3356781817 times. Unless I received a call from datin 'Jah, no need to fetch her, she sleep already, satu hari tak Tido, main ajer' ahhhhhhh, if like that ok.

She getting a little attached to the helper at mum's place. I tend not to be the green eye monster.

During Ny first week at school, I saw and heard a few kids calling out for their bibik instead of their mummy. 'I want bibik, I want bibik!' Oh my, I think my heart will break if I heard Ny say that. 

Kalau lah aku kaya..... Kerja boleh pergi jahanam.... But what to do, need to pay house ma.... Kerja ajer lah, balik can romos the anak. 


  1. Ny is a cute chubby child.
    kalau kaya i also want to jahanam with work.haha..
    Life in spore.. huhu..

  2. My sentiments exactly! kalau kita kaya, long time say bye2 to work already. But such is life in sg kan. Im pretty much envious of those sahm. Well rezeki semua lain2. In future who knows kan, we can take care of our own kids ;P in shaa Allah

  3. My hati pun berkecai when my boy wants bibik. All also bibik..bibik bibik bibik! then again these are the bibiks who are away from their kids to jaga our kids just like their own (ok not all bibiks r like tat). Sorry ter-emo cikit.. hehe

    Neighbour @ 167C


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