Weekend Home School 4 / 52

Since starting school, Ny often brought back home her worksheets.  Member colour betol punya hancai. Not that I'm expecting Picasso kind of works, but being the kiasu mum I can't help but get worried.

I try to have a one on one session with Ny at least 1 hour every weekend.

Be it academically, or craft works or playing tea or masak masak. Just sitting with her and doing things together with her.

Kalau tak asyik terbaring, tengok HI5, tengok cartoon, 'berkemas' bilik, 'berkemas' dapur.

So I came up with an hour of interation with her.

Saturday, she was under the weather but once I bathe her and feed her and makan ubat her temperature drop and shes back to her normal self tak boleh duduk diam.

Aiyo nak get her attention for 15 mins pun susah. I print lots of worksheets from here get it here and google some bubble guppies printing worksheet.

I forward the pic to Nezah and she went on to lecture me for being too hard on her. So she suggest the following.

To paste paper on the wall and let her be the pilot. Do what ever she wants to do, painting, drawing, colouring. She need to have strong arm control before she can have good wrist control that is coloring on worksheet, like the above.

On Sunday, I took the expert in early childhood advice and did just that. Not only did she have fun, she did her 'homework' for half a day. Makan, draw, watch Hi5 skejab den back to her workstation, Tido skejab then bagun back to menconteng. Wah so good!!!!

After all the hardwork, mummy and Ny did some yoga.

I treasure my weekend!!!

Have a greet week people. Cant wait for the long holiday.....

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