Long holiday coming...

Oh what did I do to the template....

Ok Lulu, After chinese new year... You will be as beautiful as before. I'm trying to tweak on some HTML code. 

All this tweaking of codes brought back bitter sweet memories in the programming class many many years back. 

Ahhh talking about CNY, I can't wait for the longggg holiday, the whole of the family and the kunchus kunchus will be going to batam for a short Staycation. And the S's family? We are basically stuck in 'all shop close during CNY' Singapore. S could not take leave and I feel bad leaving him behind, while I enjoy enjoy Jump jump dalam swimming pool at some hotel in Batam. Laki at home makan roti. 

So last night while chilling, I made a to do list.... 

1. Change bed sheet MBR and Ny's room.
2. Clean all the art work by the little artist on the cabinet.
3. Re-organize the wardrobe, colour code the baju.
4. Re-organize shawl collection yang now Dah mcm spider web. Lintang pukang, main selet jer.
5. Change the pest sheet for kitchen cabinet.
6. Re-organize Ny's wardrobe. Put away all baju yang dah toooo 'sexy' (so sayang, some of her dresses only worn twice dah ketat)
7. Take out the Photo printer And update the Photo frames.
8. Start sewing the hari raya curtain.
9. Do inventory for Ny And Lu Stuffs 
10. Brain storm some new Stuffs for Ny And Lu.

I read out my list out loud for S. 

He replied 'Chinese New year ni brapa hari holiday? 3 days or 3 weeks.....? I bet, by end of CNY none will be done....'

Eh... Eh.....

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