The weekend

I had a wonderful weekend.

Work have been a bitch lately all because of the upcoming AGM. I remember 2 years ago, I was so stress at work sampai terbranak I....

So this time,  I try to delegate more and remind myself that I am not a super hero. I also do less of Ny and Lu order on weekend. I squeeze all my order on weekdays, even if I have to sleep at 3am almost evey day just to finish an order. 

Weekend is solely for my little mak nenek.

S was on shift so it was just mummy and Ny and nenek and atok and aunty chu and aunty ani....

So this is what we did on weekend. Loving it!!!!

Friday night we eat out. Saturday morning Eeordered Mcd and breakfast at the balcony. When it was awfully quiet, I check on her and found her sleeping at the little corner. I taught her to wear her own Tshirt. That one belum pass yet.

And few other pics from my iPhone.
Have a great Monday!


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