Whatsapp Rocks!!!!

I am always on group chats. Whatsapp is heaven send. I swear. It literally brought us closer from all over the world.

I have a group chat which include a cousin in Vancouver,  another cousin from Melbourne, and an uncle in Perth. The Vancouver cousin will and on a daily basis whatsapp us pictures of whats cooking in her kitchen, any new item boughts, what she is doing, basically everything she does in the day. The uncle whatspp pictures of his work station just to emphasise that he is super busy.

Another chat which include my 2 sisters and my dad. That chat is solely for my dad to update on the technology and to action busy 'Jah, tengok anak kau, nak pakai kasut sendiri' and he will forward me a pic of Ny trying to wear her shoe.

My mum have start complaining 'Apa awak buat ngan fone ajer?' and he will reply 'Nanti kita nak message budak budak ni'. At times I will just laugh it out because my mum will end up calling my office 'Eh korang ni tak ada kerja eh? Anak kau tgh main lah'

Another is with my great kakis. Their outfit of the days, to correct their circular, 'Cuba korang tgk, sentence ni make sense tak?', what they are having for lunch, to gossip, 'Eh korang tau si Nurra Danish tu keluar ngan Bossned? Siapa siol?'
Another with the ding dong, 'Morning mummies, how are all the babies???' Maklumlah dah lama tak jumpa. We update each other often.
I also chat with Ny and Lu's customers, 'Is the bow colour ok with the colour of the elastic?' I get the answer right away.
I am always alone at work, and these chats keep me sane.

And now whatsapp have been sneakily creeping into my working life.
My work meetings reached a new level today- whatsapp meeting! Snap a picture of the PowerPoint and pictures of defects and discuss over whatsapp. The boss is on leave, dah on leave buat lah hal on leave right, ini sibuk nak tanya itu ini. Time kerja tak sibuk pulak tanya.
Now, I have residents and tenant whatsapping me in the middle of the night with pictures of their defects. Kalau tak reply, member will know that I was on line and have read the message. Terpaksa reply.

It’s sad to some degree, but seriously, I love Whatsapp! My life is so much more convenient ever since I got on it.
So apa apa just whatsapp lah eh!!!


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