Another wedding coming up

The baby of the family (aside from Nyla) is finally engaged!! Alhamdulilah.

The most headwind and the most bossy among us... Not easy to please her with the decoration of the dulang and the sets. Ini tak nak itu tak nak. Geram Kadang. 

On the night of the event, mummy and Ny went into the cold room at Far East flora to grab some fresh flowers. Event tak complete kalau tak Ada bunga. We had fun choosing flowers, Ny ignore the cold and keep twirling and twirling in there. She kept putting flowers into the basket. Like ye ye like that. Terpekik pekik mummy.

The event went smoothly, food was delicious, thanks to Datin and all the makcik makcik and I love all the shots taken. De javu all over again.

Another wedding to plan soon. I love being a busy bee. Keep my mind and my head straight.

Ok, deco booked, bridal booked, catering booked, now it's just the nitty gritty bits. 

Oh and this Saturday it's another rockstar birthday bash, my dad and S!!! Definitely having a blast!!!!!


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