Super mummy

Terrible two syndrome do exist. My goodness, I never see this coming.

I used to watch supernanny back then, den I would say eh eh the kids. And now I have one shrieking and whining kid that can scream and gegar the whole Simei.

I try to discipline her, the keras way but no jalan... The only way is the soft way which I always lack of patience. Kena cakap lembut lembut if not she will ran to S and complain 'Yayah.... Mie yat!!!' With her tunjuk Kesian face.

I also notice she will naik tocang when S is around. She's bearable when alone with me. She read her flash cards, she points out the alphabets, but when S is around wah wah... 

I recently implemented the naughty corner. It works!!! Alhamdulillah. She will calm down and turn to look at me 'Mie, shooyieee' 'Mie, hug', she will then kedek kedek runs towards me. Tuhan ajer yang tau how I feel deep down when I see she cry at the corner of my eye. Air mata, air hidung, air liur semua meleleh. Touching, I try hard to keep my cool to control my emotion,

Now, I am trying to potty train her, next is to wean her off totally from her bottle susu. Her Gigi jongang already. 

Mummy on a mission!


  1. Aww, smart girl testing her mummy's patience ;) Haha and girls really are daddy's princesses eh.

  2. I'm sure you can hear mine from 167C. Sigh...

  3. Shidah, I suka prata yang fluffy and first time reading fluffy prata. Thank you for reading mine. Congrats on the bun in the oven. May you have a smooth delivery. Insyallah.

    Sha the neighbour... hahahaha....


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