Missing you

A very good fren often heard saying 'Rindunya nak pregnant' 'Rindunya nak give birth' 'Rindunya nak rasa baby kick kick' I literally roll my eyes and comment 'Kau biar betol Ma'.

I was single back then, with no kids  or I was pregnant and thought that the fatigue and increase of waist line was really a pain in the ass.

Another good friend, gave birth to her second baby yesterday. It's a girl. One boy, one girl. Perfect. Close shop. If it's me lah... But I think she wants more. 

I hold little Alveena, precious. And that feeling kicks in. That smell. That sweet newborn smell, my goodness. I can sniff that all day. Ny no longer have that smell. Now she only smell masam mcm baru balik dari playground plus the smell of seba med and minyak telon combine. But still addictive. 

Now, I see where Ma comes from. In an instant I miss being pregnant. I miss when the baby kicks you from inside, I miss when you don't have to suck in your tummy all the time, and let it all hang loose. I miss the glow of pregnancy and most of all I miss the 4 months maternity leave and the baby bonus...

Another baby next year? 


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