E is for extremely tired

Last week was pure hectic. Mummy was on leave on many days.

Ny was having her follow up checkup and dental checkup. Her teeth are badly rosak due to susu. Dr Tham, dentist at the HPB was a darling. Ny was seated at the dentist chair, and when the animated Dr Tham asked to open her mouth, she willingly did, sampai cakap 'aaaahhh' lagi. I was shocked, S was stunned. It is a nightmare to brush her teeth, apa Lagi nak suruh open her mouth... menjerit jerit si member. 

We did a couple of stuffs last week. Dinner, Millie buat peel, Ny finally managed to cross her chubby legs, Ny dapat present drum, jalan jalan carik makan, makan ice cream tepi corner, jamming and buat memekak at lulu, play coffee or tea, giving mummy breakfast in bed, ikea trips, carik records, exploring city hall, school orientation, play make up make up, weddings and dinner threat with the family.

Marvelous week. Alhamdulillah.

This week another busy week, lil sister engagement. Up next....room and dulang decoration... Bring it on!!


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