Come back soon

Oh October coming to an end. We had so much fun in October. Lots of birthdays, lots of parties, lots of anniversaries, lots of wedding, lots of gigs, lots of fights, lots loveeee. And lots of duit keluar....

October you have been fun... We see you again next year.., Insyallah...

With these I leave you with pictures for the months of October.

November be nice and move quickly please. I can't wait to meet you December! 


  1. I LOVE THE BATS! and budak kunyah kunyah tu boleh kunyah tak?

  2. hahahha.... I also, i go crazy with the bats... now halloween dah habis, masih ada bats lagi terbang terbang at the balcony.

    Eh...Boleh.... very chewable...


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