Clean Freak

Growing up with a full time stay at home mum and sis most of his life, S never lifted a finger to cook, clean, wash or iron. I don't think he has even pick up the broom or vacuum and I am sure his room was always spotless clean. S developed a high standard where cleanliness was concerned and grew up into an obsessive compulsive adult. That can cekek my darah.

And sadly to say, he married one of Singapore top 10 messiest and kempro-est person. I used to have a motto for my single life room, 'Bilik yang berserak itu menunjukkan seni yang indah' my mum would reply 'Seni kepala hotok kau!!!'

S could not see any clothes hanging behind the door, he would say'If its dirty wash it, if its clean, iron and hang it back into the closet'. Senang lah cakap, I yang cuci. 
He could not stand belengas flooring, the toilet have to be descaled, floor to be mop, kitchen sink to be scrub. He didnt instruct  me, tak pernah perintah, but from his body language and the way he moves, I know his tapak kaki could not accept the condition on the flooring.... I will then buat bodoh and action tak nampak....
I used to get pissed when I chill on the sofa, while watching TV and folding the clothes and S would kelentang kelentung in the kitchen. I tell you my blood would confirm naik one. I feel like I am taking a backseat and he is doing all the chores. Goodness me, he is staying with  a kid who always wants to drink on her own. The drink will most of the time ends on the floor rather then down her throat and a wife who bila makan goreng pisang, kerak will confirm terjatuh on the carpet, even though I try to tadah with my hand bila makan that goreng pisang.

He was relaxing one day when I ask 'Nyla ni ikut sapa ni.. friendly sangat' S would say, 'I hope her cleanliness will follow me' I was hurt, seriously, I am working 9 to 6pm and I have to cook and fecth Nyla, where can I find the time to mop and vacuum the house everyday.

And because of the cooking and cleaning, we often fetch Ny late and she will almost everyday slept at 12-1am.  He knows I was upset, he promise to mellow a little of his OCDness...
Last week, we were playing play doh. Ny got a few boxes of playdoh for her birthdays. Mak lagi excited dari anak.... and I was pretty surprise that he was not anal about the sticky playdoh... no not anal at all. Infact he made one kick ass playdoh ice cream sundae that look so real, that make the real ice cream sundae look pathetic. Ny was 'wow'ing here and there. There were playdoh all around, that small irritating bits here and there on the carpet. But to hell with that, we had fun. We make lots of ice cream and cupcakes.
At the end of the day, I will remind him that there is more to a home than a clean house.

p/s: Kalau nak 24 jam rumah bersih,  balik rumah Blk 230 (his mum's place) >.<


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