I grew up with colours and paints, and colleen and luna colour pencils and poster colours. My dad often carved design with potatoes and apples and we will use laddy fingers and onions for that additional texturers.

My dad will also teach us how to do silk screen on T-shirt. I would wear a t-shirt with print like 'Anak Mail No. 1' and my second sis would wear 'Anak Mail No. 2'. Like seriously... we were happy to choose what colours we want for the print... I would never do that to Ny... I promise you baby...

My sisters and I, we had a hell lots of fun during our childhood. So I intend to do the same with my little one. Baby, may you have a colourful childhood just like mummy. Love you to the moon and back.


  1. awww! sedih i! you're doing good mom!

  2. I pun... sometime you think you have given ur best, but still mcm tak cukup. Never enough.


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