Hill of love

I was reminded many times to climb up Jabal Rahmah, the hill the Hill of Love, where Nabi Adam met Hawa after 100 years of separation.

My aunt, mostly all my aunts from my mum's side  keep reminding 'Jah, you and Adi go climb up the hill, mintak panjangkan jodoh dan kebahangian rumah tangga. Insyyallah, kalau allah nak beri rezeki lagi satu, dua for a boy' Alamak touching betol.

I was in awe at the sight. Ya allah kebesaran mu. We were told that if you want to get hitched, you should go up there and make doa and Allah will grant you a 'Jodoh yang Baik'. So S asked me if he should go up there sorang. I jeling ajer... nak buka mulut nanti keluar benda yang tak sesuai. Ustaz kat sebelah dia senyum ajer dengar.

The sisters, S and I, decide to climb up the hill. Ny was crying, she wants sto climb also, so I accidently shouted 'Baby, you stay with atok and nenek ok' S menyampuk, 'Yang u terpekik macam gitu skali, ingat kita kat mana' Astagfirullah al azim... terlupa... tak sopan langsung. Other Jema'ah was laughing. Kita kan kat atas bukit, takkan lah nak whisper.

Ny cry at the top of her lungs, so we decide to climb with her. It was quite a climb. Termengah mengah jugak. Atok kept waving his hands dari bawah bukit.

On the hill, there is a white stone where you can write the name of your partner. By writing the name on it, you may hope to be reunited with a partner, like Nabi Adam and hawa. Bikin kotor tapi sudah tradisi.

I prayed for all my closest friends who have yet to dapat jodoh, di kurniakan jodoh yang baik, you know who you are, my bestfriend to get pregnant, and diberi kehagian rumah tangga to all my friends. Amin.

If you are not game to climb the hill you can relek at the foot of the hill and ride a camel. The camel is decorated with flowers and bling bling. Even the chair on the camel is decorated like you are ready to sit on the throne. Mummy baru nak feeling naik camel macam kat Sex in the City, si Ny dah terpekik pekik because the baby camel asyik kacau dia ajer... serious... a baby camel literally kept following her around. Nak buat kawan...


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