Weekend Bliss

 Photos from my phone

I love weddings. One of my beloved cousin finally tied the knot. Decor was gorgeous by Comel Molek. Food was great, bridal gown and make up meletop from Versarie ade, MUA was Fatima. DJ Rosly was spontenous and crowd pleaser. There was his trademark segment wherre everybody cry their eyes out. Habis make up I.

We decorate the pengantin room and the dulang was done by the aunty. Nyla and all her cousins, these tiny people, bermaharaja lela throught the day, panjat sana panjat sini. Balik nak tido mengngigau.

Last week, we had our 'Burger Day'. Went swimming in the morning, had lunch at Vegan burger. Not as nice as I was expeting, so so ajer. Malamnya we conquer the big ass burger from badoque. I was laughing my ass off when the waiter brought the burger to our table. Nyla kept saying 'wow wow', mcm record rosak.

The following day, we went to Jentayu's. The sis dah gatal nak kawin. We went to sign up for her decor package. Wow, wihin two years, price naik $2k eh. Terkejut I.

Just yesterday, we had doa selamat for our weekend journey. To be honest, it still feels surreal and I’m overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness.

Oh yes, I have also been busy making this cute headbands for my bulat. The sis was saying, why not sell these....

Good Idea.... Once I'm back I will crate a page...
Ny and Lu - two of my favourites.


  1. (since i am not sure if you received my reply on my blog awhhwahaw so i put here)

    oh fei, heard you are doing 'the calling'. i pray for your safe journey to and fro!

  2. oh! oh! if you're selling the headbands, i saaahport!! naaak beli.


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