The Husband

I hated if S have to go to any OAG. It is always last minute and kalang kabut. OAG is when aircrtaft got stuck in some country and they need these guys to fix it immediately. They wont know which country they will be send to, and this husband of mine always mengelabah when he got called up. You know like cacing kerawat. Excited semacam.

S just called an hour ago that he is on standby. Another called saying the job is confirm, flight will be at 5.20pm. That is like 3hours (minus 2 hours check in time) he only have 1 hour to pack. And I am still at work.

Then start ah..

Yang where is the suitcase
At hougang, baity use it for her outstation
Where's the haversack?
under the bed, in the red box
Yang, where is my passport?
In my cupboard, second drawer. Mini toiletries semua ada at common bathroom eh, bawah sink. Use the mini bottle for renu, dun bring the big one, nanti kena buang lagi.
Ok baby, thank you!!!!!
Sorry baby, my Oakley sweater u dah cuci
Dah cuci but haven iron, in the laundry basket, pakai lah sweater lain yang dah iron, in your wardrobe.
Yang, where the adam bomb towel?
You want to bring the the thick towel for what? Bring the blue towel. Kat sana just use hotel towel.
Ok can, you are the best!
Last I promise, where is my work shirt, the white shirt eh not overall
Masterbedroom wardrobe, second door, rail atas
Ok this one last last, where are the left over oversea monies punya pouch?
Opposite Simei MRT Station, Muthu Sammy Money changer, top drawer, pass code 3636
Betol betol lahhhh....I'm very late already
Nyla punya room, ikea cupboard, 3 box from left. ;p

At times I feel like labelling all the items in the house.

Like payung said, si husband ni pun nak kena siapkan susu, pampers, minyak telon jugak.
Pakkal lah syurga ku di telapak kaki mu, Suhardi Taib.


  1. whahawhwahaw trust me nong is the same.

    dear husbands, what would you do without us huh! huh! huh!!
    with love us the awesome wives who knows where what who.

  2. wah i salute you! i belum tahap situ. we'll see how things go in our own house nanti.

  3. omg. that does sound like my husband. mana tu. mana ni.
    and we are still staying with my in-laws. belum lagi rumah sendiri.


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