Square at a time

Ok where do I begin.

After I had applied for esta. Next important matter is accommodation, we settled on airbnb. Location was perfect just two block away from the direct line 6 from the 77th Street. There are direct train to major attraction like Empire state building, Grand Central, Soho, Union Square.

The room was clean and tidy. I was happy with the room. But we have to climb up 5 storey high of steep narrow staircase. S kena warning several time for smoking in the room. Other than that the room was perfect.

Since it was a really longggg flight and we were dead tired, we grab a bite and slept the whole afternoon. It was 10pm when we wake up and begin to explore the city that never sleep.
We went to time square and I was surprise that all the shops were still open despite it was already close to midnight. I didn't know that the Subway was 24/7.

This is the iconic location other than what's been portrayed endlessly on national TV, movies, magazines, and even the damn yearly new years eve countdown. Even S feels that Time Square will be our first location after we have settle down.
It was raining snow and so we just basked in the LED at the steps sambil makan chicken over rice (Oh halal food is in every corner at NYC, falafel, kebab, pizze, pretzel. All halal). I love reading all the billboards, watching all the videos and watching all the energy of the hundreds of other people who like me are so amazed and enthused by all the activity. It was close to midnight mind you.

Times Square is more than just billboards, tv monitors, stores,restaurants and Broadway musicals. It is American Culture at its best........a mixture of energy, music, food, lights, positive vibes and people of all races and colors enjoying life and good times. I love the magic of Times Square. We visit this place almost every day to just relek one corner and people watch. 


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